Google Penguin Recovery Service

Penguin Recovery Service

One of Google’s most powerful anti-SPAM algorithmic applied filters – so-called Penguin – in its recent update to how it ranks web pages on its search index, continues to wreak havoc for many websites.

AT KOKONUT, with over 50+ in-house certified experts holding Google Analytics Individual Qualifications (IQ) we will meticulously investigate on what really happened – to why your website had gotten Penguinalized – and recommend feasible solutions to help your website regain its previous rankings on Google’s search index.

We clean your backlink profile and help you to develop effective linkbuilding strategy to recovery previous rankings and gain new!


What is Google Penguin recovery service?

Websites Penalized By Google Penguin(Penguinalized) Let KOKONUT Help You Recover!

Google Penguin is an automatic applied filter that Google first introduced in April of 2012, that essentially removed, or downgraded websites that had been using Web spam to gain higher rankings on its search index. The most recent update was rolled-out on May 22, 2013. Our service provides websites penalized buy penguin ability to   .

How does Penguin affect your site?

Imagine how you as a company owner that had put in a lot of man-hours into getting your website to attract high-quality organic (natural) traffic, and all of a sudden the bottom falls out, and you see traffic to your site fall dramatically. If your website was fundamentally built on weak, automated or spammy backlinks, most likely your website got affected by Penguin.

Penguin algorithmically knows when the back links pointing to your site appear to be unnatural inbound links, or low quality links. It’s important for your website’s survival (and favorable Google rankings) to ensure the quantity, quality and relevance of links that point to your site, since Google analyzes this data to determine your rankings.

At KOKONUT, we will treat this problem as one of our own for every single customer. That’s how passionate we are about Google.

Most importantly, KOKONUT is one of the very few SEO companies on the market to provide a completely risk-free 100% money back guarantee. If we’re not successful on getting your website recovered from Penguin, you get a complete refund. Every single penny. And we mean it. We attest to our confidence & credibility.

*If you had witnessed your rankings plummet dramatically following the latest Google’s Penguin algorithmic update, then you’re in a definite need to be gauged by our Global Analytical Labs to pinpoint the exact reason, and to recommend a feasible solution to rectify your business.

Reach out to us today to request a Comprehensive Penguin Recovery Assessment absolutely free-of-charge.