There are many services out there that claim to boost your website page rank through search engine optimization (SEO), but few are willing to promise guaranteed SEO ranking. The problem is that SEO is a mysterious art that doesn’t always achieve the intended goal, and could waste valuable money in the process.

What you need is an SEO guarantee.

Where your website appears on Internet search engines can make or break your business. A search for given keywords will generally return millions of results, but the typical user will only see or click on the first few links listed. You need your business to be one of those first few links.

You can spend a lot of money paying an SEO service to boost your search page rank, and end up with nothing to show for it but a large bill for a lot of wasted time. Without a guaranteed SEO service, the SEO company makes money regardless of the results, so you’re taking all the risk. That’s where Kokonut comes in.

Kokonut is a prominent, globally respected corporation, providing expert SEO guidance for customers. We help customers across the globe to achieve success in their Internet marketing initiatives. Kokonut is Europe’s largest Pay-for-Performance based Search Engine Optimization service provider with over 3,000 active customers on board.

What does “pay for performance SEO” mean? Kokonut is a guaranteed SEO company that uses a performance based SEO model. That means that you only pay for service if Kokonut delivers results, and it provides Kokonut with appropriate incentive to work harder to ensure it achieves results.

Getting to the top of Internet search results is important, and Kokonut understands that. That’s why Kokonut has a team of dedicated, in-house SEO experts, and provides a completely risk-free, 100 percent money-back guaranteed SEO service. Customers only pay for actual results, and if Kokonut fails to meet the goal all money will be refunded to the client with no questions asked.

Kokonut will work closely with you to determine the keywords that your customers are most likely to use. Kokonut expert SEO analysts will then help to optimize your website to target those keywords.

Stop taking all the risk and paying for SEO services that don’t deliver. Contact Kokonut to boost your website traffic with pay for performance SEO.