Google Panda Recovery Service

Panda Recovery Service

Google’s Panda, an update to how web pages are ranked on its search index, continues to confuse website owners, why it outwardly targets specific websites, and what companies can do to recover.

At KOKONUT, with over 50+ in-house certified experts holding Google Analytics Individual Qualifications (IQ) will analyze any given web property and recommend spot-on resolutions to ensure you’re able to recover from the impact that Panda has had on your business.

We help you to develop an effective strategy to avoid further problems with your rankings.


What is Google Panda Recovery Service?

KOKONUT Can Help You Recover from being mangled By Google Panda (Pandalized) Update !

Unless you’re well experienced and knowledgeable about the inner workings of Google, you may not completely understand why all of a sudden your website has suddenly dropped in its position on Google’s search index. In a nutshell, Panda was designed to identify low quality or “thin” content. It’s actually an automatically applied filter, meaning humans aren’t manually analyzing the content on your website. Instead, it’s a sophisticated algorithm update that performs the same tasks, but does it more efficiently and faster than a human can.

Your website’s content, for example, can quickly be analyzed to see if it contains high-quality (unique) content or not. If it doesn’t, your website or parts of it have the potential to be negatively impacted. The impact ranges from a drop in SERPs to complete removal from the Google index.

Both Google’s Panda and Penguin were engineered to help improve the quality of websites in the search index.

Has your website been really affected by Panda?

At KOKONUT, we will treat this problem as one of our own for every single customer. That’s how passionate we are about Google. Most importantly, KOKONUT is one of the very few SEO companies on the market to provide a completely risk-free 100% money back guarantee. If we’re not successful on getting your website recovered from Panda, you get a complete refund. Every single penny. And we mean it. We attest to our confidence & credibility.

Reach out to us today to request a Comprehensive Panda Recovery Assessment absolutely free-of-charge.