This revolutionary product is designed to redefine the conventional SEO market, while revamping the entire stereotype of Pay-for-Performance SEO.

KOKONUT Traffic is designed to work under the basis of ranking your website according to organic (natural) terms on Google’s 1st page (TOP 1-10 range), whereas instead of paying per each keyword with a daily price breakdown you would pay per each factually attracted visitor that clicks on an appropriate natural ranking 1-10 position for a given keyword. Based on this formula we approximate an estimated conversion pursuant to each term depending on its ranking position.

The actual beauty of this product is that (as opposed to Google AdWords) the more visitors you would get, the less you would pay per each factual visitor. With Google AdWords it’s the total opposite– the more volume of visitors you get, the more you pay per each particular visitor.

Which types of websites qualify for “KOKONUT Traffic”?

  • Enterprise-grade e-stores
  • Brick & mortar businesses that rely on e-commerce solutions
  • Online stores
  • News website
  • Any enterprise online portals

*If your web property doesn’t fall under any of these categories, please contact us today to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your website to recommend a feasible solution.

Price Calculation Factor: Monthly price schedule constitutes the factually accrued volume of website conversions captured through Google Analytics (or equivalent) from all of the world’s leading search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!).

The entire monthly accrued volume is multiplied based on a Cost-Per-Organic-Click price schedule, which is individually tailored for each campaign. The overall price schedule is guaranteed to ensure the price per each click is cheaper (in some cases, substantially) than Google’s AdWord’s Pay-per-Click.

The cost per each click is designed to gradually decrease in accordance with the volume of attracted traffic, which is the total opposite of any conventional Pay-per-Click Management Campaign.

With KOKONUT Traffic, the more clicks we get, the less the customer would pay per click. The customer doesn’t pay for traffic that is already there to date, neither for any branded traffic (terms that are identical to the brand name / domain).