Start!UP Positions

Start!UP – is the comprehensive preparation of a
website for promotion.

Our program includes activities to achieve positive keyword position dynamics, it is divided into 2 groups: 1 – long-tail keywords*, 2 – more competitive, medium and high search-volume keywords.

Most of the active work is carried out over the first group of queries, and the second group – it is done before the direct website promotion, when website preparation for promotion is almost finished.

Stable positive dynamics of the promotion for the first group of the keywords indicates that the website is prepared and can compete at TOPs for higher search-volume keywords.

*Long-tail keywords – targeted, highest CTR keywords. As usual, the promotion of a correctly collected group of long-tail and medium frequency keywords makes up the vast majority of sales/calls/ordered services, etc.

Period : 6+ months (depends on domain and index age)


for the website promotion in a niche based on our formula.


$xxx. BASIC PRICE. + Bonus for results.


price drop down 30% from basic every 2 month for this contract.

3/3 of
Basic price

3/3 of
Basic price

3/3 of
Basic price

3/3 of
Basic price

3/3 of
Basic price

3/3 of
Basic price

Prolong Contract

3/3 of
Basic price

3/3 of
Basic price

3/3 of
Basic price

+ Pay-for results from SERP if reached page 1.
% of keywords that reached page 1.
No more than 1/3 of basic price (from the second month of work)

0-10% - 0 x basic price
10-40% - + 1/3 of basic price
40-85% - + 2/3 of basic price
85-100% - + 3/3 of basic price

Result : Improving competitive website characteristics, getting first
visitors and rankings.

Average growth dynamics and stages of the work

Volume of

The complex preparation activities for the website, which provide positive position dynamics for the duration of the Start!UP program. All work is performed by the company specialists: SEO-specialist, SEO-analyst, copywriter, webmaster and account manager. The stages of the Start!UP process are presented below, 12 in total:

Promotion strategy elaboration

Technical and SEO website audit, competition level assessment, promotion methodology development (internal and external), the search for the shortest path to reach the goal

Technical fixes, after revision

Duplicate pages purge, creation or correction of robots.txt and .htaccess, creation of sitemap, implementing methods to attract search engines robots to the website, etc.

Distribution of the targeted keywords

Determine specific pages or website categories and their own set of keywords through which they will be promoted


Each promoted page that was picked at the previous stage needs optimized content. Texts are written for the selected pages: where there is no text content (or it is lacking) – page content is not considered unique

On-page SEO

Placement of optimized content, fixes to <title>'s and tag formatting for the promoted pages. Preparation of SE-friendly 'Contact us' page that will beeasily understandable by SE-robot., etc.

Promotion strategy execution

Analysis of competitors, preparation of content to be placed on external resources; donor analysis and selection for effective promotion for Google

Contextual domain promotion

When competitors' backlinks analysis is completed, the next stage begins – placement of 'eternal' links (with developed anchors list) on donor groups. Contextual links are placed for the duration of Start!UP program

Website preparation for DMOZ

Website check and optimization to qualify DMOZ rules and conditions

Dynamics achieved analysis

As a rule, after analysis - on-page and off-page optimization corrections are made, including linkbuilding strategy. Linkbuilding enhancement included for the next TOP10 queries

Commercial factors analysis

Commercial factors play great role in current SE World for Google. It is important to have user-friendly website with all pages and features demanded by Google to mark your web property with authority

Report and recommendations

Highlights of the strategy performance, important notes on results and problems encountered and recommendations for the future exploitation

Goals achievable

Your website have started to get decent amount of visitors, generating leads and finally triggering sales. Conversion rate optimization and sales increase to be discussed next




Semantic core - list of keywords formed by SEO-analysts within the first month of work. Analyst identifies the ranking features for various keyword types (much depends on the subject). Based on SEO and technical audit, each potential keyword is classified and a separate technique is selected for each group of keywords.

This fundamental approach for building the semantic core provides maximum output for reaching TOP positions and high CTR for the promoted keywords, as for the duration of Start!UP period, and at its finalization.



Positive impact for websites that has participated in 'Start!UP' program allowed them, during the first months of work to attract new targeted visitors.

Assuming the website preparation for the promotion campaign should not be costly, the fixed monthly payment is capped at your Basic price for website preparation activities.

Maximum payment utilizing the Start!UP program


Start!UP program is a comprehensive website development and promotion process. Stepping to the next quality level of search growth, difficult for promotion project, may occur only under certain conditions. The determining of these conditions and work under the competitive characteristics achievement
– is a general tactic of Start!UP