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Corporate search
engine optimization

Enterprise SEO firm

Search engine rank and consistent, organic Web
traffic can make or break your business, so you
need your business to be one of those first few links.

Rank and


Kokonut is a corporate SEO company that
operates on a unique pay for performance
model with guaranteed results.

What does
"pay for performance SEO"

Lower your expenses

Track your website’s growth with
detailed ranking reports

Get true value for your money

Leverage a Google-certified team
24X7 for assured results

Avoid periodic charges

Connect with a dedicated
account manager

Continuous website analysis

Getting to the top of Internet search results is important, and Kokonut understands that. That’s why Kokonut corporate SEO services has a team of dedicated, in-house experts, and provides a completely risk-free, 100 percent money-back guaranteed SEO service. You only pay for actual results, and if Kokonut fails to meet the established goals all money will be refunded with no questions asked.


100 percent

Kokonut enterprise SEO analysts will work closely with you to determine the keywords that your customers are most likely to use. Kokonut will then help to optimize your website to target those keywords. If Kokonut falls short, your money is refunded and you’ve lost nothing. If Kokonut succeeds, you both win.