What is “Pay-for-Performance SEO”?

With our revolutionary Pay-for-Performance SEO model, you only make an upfront security bond prior to commencing services on your site. Upon receipt of the security bond (most of the time it’s fully refundable), you don’t pay a single dime unless at least 1 keyword starts to rank within the TOP 1-10 range for at least 1 day (KOKONUT Positions), or website's traffic starts to increase by at least 1% (KOKONUT Traffic).

What keywords will you rank in theTOP 1-10 range?

Your Keyword Research is exclusively custom-tailored for your website. Each Keyword Research is mutually confirmed upon prior to starting our services.

What’s more beneficial to me: SEO or PPC?

Based on our long-year experience, we believe that in today's digitalized business environments organizations must execute unified solutions to ensure top-notch results. Both SEO and Google AdWords are designed to drive you revenue. We recommend using both of these instruments collectively.

What is KOKONUT Traffic and what exactly does "traffic optimization" mean?

Optimizing the website through traffic ensures the entire website is optimized based on the entire list of organic (natural) terms that pertain to your website. The difference between this business model vs. position-based business model is that you do not pay for any rankings whatsoever. Instead, you only pay for factual website conversions captured from organic search queries via Google, Bing and/or Yahoo!
This method is guaranteed to increase the overall effectiveness of SEO by 140% compared to the classic known-to-everyone position-based model.

What factor constitutes the initial upfront payment for KOKOC Traffic?

The main governing factor is the actual preparation stage. During the first 2-3 months we put in a lot more efforts into the website’s initial preparation work as opposed to working under the basis of our classic KOKOC Positions model. During this initial stage, we uncover all of the key terms that are pertinent to the website's business profile (for some e-commerce projects this list can comprise thousands of different terms), identify all of the website's sections in line with each keyword, as well as prepare comprehensive on-page recommendations for the entire website.

Can I "lock-in” on a specific price for the duration that I am your client?

Yes. With both KOKONUT Traffic and KOKONUT Positions, including all of our package based products you are “locked-in” on that price for the duration that you are our client. Your month-to-month expenditures are guaranteed not to exceed a certain specified amount that we had mutually agreed upon.

I already have certain organic traffic flowing to my website. Will I pay for it as well?

All of the traffic that your website currently has to date, before you sign up with us you will not pay for this traffic throughout the entire duration of your campaign. In certain cases you would only pay for this traffic if this traffic was driven by efforts of another SEO company prior to the date when we start our services.

Most of my conversions from organic searches resemble directly to my brand name. Will I be paying for these conversions?

No, you will never pay for any conversions that match your brand name and/or your domain name.

How do I find out the exact price per click through each organic search query for my website if I sign up with your company?

All of our prices are individually customized per your specific campaign. In order for us to furnish you with an accurate traffic forecast and prices, it's mandatory to conduct a Comprehensive Assessment of your web property. You must provide us with guest access to your Google Analytics (or equivalent analytical service) to ensure we complete our proposal with unmatched precision.
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