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  • KOKOC Positions


    KOKONUT Positions - take advantage of an extremely large number of desired keywords and key phrases, while only paying for actual visitors to your website through higher search engine rankings.


  • KOKOC Traffic


    KOKONUT Traffic – the more organic (natural) traffic your website attracts, the more revenue there’s in store for your business, while you only pay for actual increase in visitors through an unlimited number of keywords and key phrases.


  • KOKOC Traffic

    SEO Audit

    KOKONUT SEO Audit - identify many of the issues that may be hindering or preventing your site from performing well in the organic search results.

    SEO Audit

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    SEO packages

    With each package, our In-house Global Analytics Lab conducts a comprehensive assessment of your web property, recommending your Keyword Research based on the keywords uncovered during the assessment. Typically, we make our best efforts to provide the customer with several options of different Keyword Researches to choose from.

    SEO Packages

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    Advanced packages

    In-depth, Advanced Keyword Research included for every single project! A perfect fit for most websites that are aged for more than 6 months. The overall price schedule is guaranteed to ensure that price for each term is cheaper (in some cases, substantially) than Google's AdWord's Pay-per-Click through a mixture of high, medium & low search volume terms.

    Advanced Packages

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Benefits of our SEO Services

  • NO Monthly retainers!
  • Unlimited Keyword Research!
  • Competitive Cost-Effective Pricing!
  • Responsive Sales Team!
  • No Strings Attached!

SEO Services SEO Services

Our SEO Products Matrix

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the active practice of optimizing a website by improving both on-page and off-page elements in an effort to increase search engine rankings. Consequently, higher rankings typically lead to more traffic and eventually more customers. With over 8-years of extensive expertise in online marketing we understand that it's just not enough to be at the top of the search engines.

SEO Audit SEO Audit

Comprehensive SEO Audit

At KOKONUT, we provide comprehensive online marketing solutions of varying complexity across dozens of sectors aimed to deliver superior visibility on the world's leading search engines. Got beaten by recent Google update? Check out our new Penguin recovery and Panda recovery services.

Panda Recovery

Penguin Recovery

No Monthly Retainers!

We don’t charge any monthly retainers or fees like other SEO companies. You pay us only when we accomplish results.

Competitive Cost-Effective Pricing

Our individual custom-built pricing packages are designed to fit about any marketing budget regardless of your company’s size.

Unlim Keyword Research

We don't charge a fixed cost depending on keywords.

Responsive Sales Team

Gets you clear answers with minimal wait times and limited gate-keeping.

No Strings Attached!

If we don't accomplish results you don't pay us. There are no risks involved.

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